Hillary Clinton Says Trump Admires Putin Because He Can 'Kill His Opposition'


Dear God, we’re going to hear Hillary Clinton weighing in on this election all year, aren’t we? The former secretary of state and presidential candidate said on a podcast that Donald Trump admires strongmen like Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin because they can imprison the opposition. Keep in mind these words come from the mouth of a woman who should be in jail for mishandling classified information and destroying evidence; why she wasn’t prosecuted is a mystery.

So as the Biden administration works with the Justice Department to jail President Joe Biden’s opponent, Clinton seems concerned that if re-elected, Trump will declare himself a dictator and imprison his opposition. Also, he’ll “drive journalists and others into exile,” which reminds us of Whoopi Goldberg saying that Trump would “disappear” all of the journalists and gay folks.

Warning: Clinton didn’t have network team of makeup and lighting experts for this:

Here’s the whole tweet:

NEW: Hillary Clinton unironically says that Donald Trump wants to “kill his opposition” as she rants about how compassionate Joe Biden is and how evil Trump is. 


The twice-failed presidential candidate, who failed to mention how her party is weaponizing the ‘Justice’ System against their top political opponent, says Trump wants to be a dictator.

“Trump was just gaga over Putin because Putin does what Trump would like to do: Kill his opposition, imprison his opposition, drive journalists and others into exile, rule without any check or balance.”

“That’s what Trump really wants… he only sees strongmen leaders. He sees Putin, he sees Xi, he sees Kim Jong-un in North Korea.”

“Those are the people he is modeling himself after, and we’ve been down this road in our, you know, world history. We sure don’t want to go down that again.”

Pretty sure she just described herself.


She’ll never get over losing to Trump.

Agreed, 100 percent. Sen. Adam Schiff said he’s taking very seriously the threat of a re-elected Trump throwing him in jail.

We all saw what Trump did in his first term. His supporters continually chanted “Lock her up!” at his rallies, but he didn’t do a thing about her. They’re all really afraid of a “revenge presidency,” and they should be.


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