Hillary Clinton claims Trump wants to ‘kill’ and ‘imprison’ his political opposition


On Friday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed that former President Trump wants to kill and imprison his political opponents like dictators around the world. 

In an interview on the Democracy Docket with Mark Elias, after fawning over President Biden, the former secretary said that Trump “has 91 felony, criminal indictments against him.” 

“Do we really expect him to govern in a stable, appropriate, rules-based, respectful way?” she asked before moving on to foreign affairs. 

Clinton called Trump’s relationship with Putin a “bromance” and claimed that it “was called that by the former prime minister of Australia” after he saw that Trump “was just gaga over Putin.” 

“Because Putin does what [Trump] would like to do,” she claimed. “Kill his opposition, imprison his opposition, drive journalist and others into exile, rule without any check or balance. That’s what Trump really wants.” 

The former secretary went on to say that Trump only “sees strong men leaders.” She pointed to Putin, Chinese leader Xi Jinping, and North Korean head Kim Jung Un as people the former president is “modeling himself after.” 

Former President Trump is facing multiple indictments in what he has called a “witch hunt.” In a statement, Saturday about his case in Manhattan for allegedly falsifying documents to pay hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels, the former president noted, “They waited and brought it right in the middle of my presidential campaign against the worst and most incompetent president ever, crooked Joe Biden” to bring charges. 

In August, Trump claimed that the “crazy indictments” against him “should be viewed as campaign contributions to crooked Joe Biden and his radical left thugs.” He added, “This will be their updated form of cheating and election interference.” 

Clinton still claimed that Putin interfered with the 2016 election, which she lost to Trump, because “he knew I would deal with him in an appropriate way.”

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