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Doral, Florida – Hayley Ross taught in Miami-Dade County public and private schools for around 30 years, and her children attended those schools. Now, she is taking her perspective as a teacher and mother to run for election to the School Board. She pledges to serve students and their parents, not union leaders, bureaucrats or politicians. Hayley is running against progressive politicians who support the teachers’ union and the education bureaucracy against the rights of parents and students.

This week, she participated in a candidates’ forum hosted by the Women’s Republican Club of Miami, Federated, in Coral Gables. She is campaigning for School Board, District 3, which runs from Coconut Grove through Miami Beach to Aventura, parallel to Biscayne Bay and the Ocean. Her election will occur on Tuesday, August 20, with two weeks of early voting.

Hayley is not a career politician, and is not going into politics to earn a living or enhance her net worth. Instead, she seeks to restore the focus of the School Board away from woke progressive nonsense and back to its core mission of educating children for life, work and citizenship.

She proclaimed, “The public school system does not own our children. We entrust [our children] to their care, and they are failing.” As they say in Texas, parents own their children, teachers are hired hands, and all others are rustlers. The Election Integrity Brigade of Miami-Dade County and the Republican National Hispanic Assembly endorse Hayley. She says, “Education is too important to be left to the politicians and the bureaucrats. Ordinary citizens and parents must get involved.”

Miami Beach

At the townhall meeting hosted last week by the Federated Republican Women of Miami Beach, she said, “I retired and was extremely happy planning my next vacation and enjoying hot coffee every day when Covid hit, and I saw that the same little people who I taught and loved so much were now unable to go to school, and had to wear masks and observe six feet of separation, which we now know was an arbitrary number chosen by a bureaucrat. There is nothing scientific about it.”

“We here in Florida were lucky that our children returned to school relatively early compared with other states. However, the children experienced delays in their educational progress. They have had difficulty with learning how to work cooperatively with other students. The little ones have had difficulty with speech since they have been hearing everything through masks, and have not seen how words are formed because of the masks. Worst of all, there have children who never returned to school? Where are these kids?”

Hayley concluded her presentation in Miami Beach with this uplifting thought, “Finally, I think all children should experience joy when they go to school. I do not like to think that only the academically strong who have managed to crack the esoteric code for joy in learning will be happy. I want all children to find their bliss, whether it is art, music, math, or science. Let us never have students who feel isolated because their joy of learning has been extinguished.”


Hayley is focusing on the following issues:
(1) Parental rights in education must come first. Family issues should be handled by families, with assistance from schools as requested by parents. Parents should always be informed about their children’s education and wellbeing.
(2) School choice is essential. Taxpayers’ money should follow the students and the choices of their parents, and not be stuck in designated school districts. Parents pay for their children’s education, so they must have the freedom to choose the schools that best suit the needs of their children.
(3) Financial transparency is needed not only in the School Board, but also in affiliated organizations like the PTA. All contracts and vendors must be audited.
(4) The school curriculum must return to the basics of reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. Critical thinking skills must be emphasized and expanded. The curiosity of students must be cultivated and nurtured.
(5) School safety must be maintained, including by cooperating with local police forces and publicly reporting incidents when they occur. The mental health of all students must be addressed with more professional assistance.
(6) School Board members, administrators and teachers must be held accountable for the
educational experience of students and their parents. A code of conduct should be applied to everyone from School Board and Superintendent to Pre-K students.
(7) We need not only to find and hire the best teachers, but also to retain them. Teacher compensation should keep up with inflation. Our best teachers should be appreciated and receive appropriate compensation.

Hayley is the mother, teacher and advocate that we need on the School Board. Support her campaign at: https://www.votehayleyross.com/.

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