Hawaii Rejects the Constitution & the SCOTUS Over the 2nd Amendment


According to ABC News, Hawaii’s high court cited a pop culture drama, ‘The Wire,’ in a rebuke of the US Supreme Court decision. The ruling expanded gun rights. Hawaii doesn’t believe there is an individual right to a firearm.

Citing The crime-drama TV series The Wire, Hawaii’s high court said that a man can be prosecuted for carrying a gun in public without a permit. They won’t follow the Supreme Court decision that expanded gun rights nationwide.

“The thing about the old days, they the old days,” the unanimous Hawaii Supreme Court ruling issued Wednesday. They borrowed a quote from season four, episode three of the HBO series, to express that the culture from the country’s founding shouldn’t dictate contemporary life.

Todd Eddins, Screenshot from video of his appointment.

Authored by Justice Todd Eddins, the opinion said, “The spirit of Aloha clashes with a federally-mandated lifestyle that lets citizens walk around with deadly weapons during day-to-day activities.”

The ruling centered on a 2017 case against Christopher Wilson. Wilson had a loaded pistol in his front waistband when police were called after a Maui landowner reported seeing a group of men on his property at night. You can read more here.

Charlie Kirk said the “Hawaii Supreme Court essentially declares the entire Constitution null and void in their state, writing: “As the world turns, it makes no sense for society to pledge allegiance to the founding era’s culture, realities, laws, and understanding of the Constitution.”

It is ridiculous to use pop culture as a rebuke. They also cited their traditions as a reason for the rebuke. We have utter chaos with people not following laws.

It’s anarchy!

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