Harvard's Snooty Snobs SLAMMED for Denigrating Chris Rufo's Degree


In the wake of the resignation of Claudine Gay as the president of Harvard, leftists have found themselves in an embarrassing frenzy of rage-addled excuse-making for the prolific plagiarist and attacks against those who called her out.

Chris Rufo was one of Gay’s biggest critics and also of DEI and other progressive ideologies infiltrating American academia.

Graduates of the illustrious David Hogg University, also known as ‘Havard’, wasted no time making a mockery of their alma mater in an attempt to belittle Rufo.

It started with an article from The New Republic that claimed Rufo was falsely passing himself off as a Harvard grad even though he went to the Harvard Extension School … a school of Harvard University.

It quickly became clear that attendees of the extension school are regarded as second-class citizens by ‘real’ (their words) Harvard degree holders.

This should come as no surprise given that one of the primary reasons for attending such a school is to allow these people to pretend they’re better than the rest of us.

Yep. You’ll find none of that in there because it’s just a hit piece because they’re still seething over Gay being forced to the off-ramp. Buh-bye.


Rufo responded to the article:

There were plenty of folks who thought this was a real smoking gun. They were generally progressives who would have preferred to ignore Gay’s plagiarism.

‘Standard of ethics’, she said.

What happened to that standard of ethics?

Look, we understand why Harvard degree holders are proud of purchasing such an expensive status symbol. There have, after all, been many brilliant and well-known individuals who have studied at the school over the years:

  • Antonin Scalia – King of the Supreme Court.
  • Matt Damon – went on to pretend to be a really smart person.
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas – Randy Taylor and Simba.
  • Helen Keller – Bidenomics coordinator.
  • Ted Kennedy – expert swimmer.
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson – star of memes.
  • Theodore Roosevelt – considered by many to be a highly successful president.
  • Barack Obama – considered by many to be a president.
  • Al Gore – inventor of the Internet.
  • Ted Kaczynski – explosives expert.
  • Isoroku Yamamoto – air travel agent for Pearl Harbor.
  • Robert Oppenheimer – see Isoroku Yamamoto.

Of course, no list of esteemed Harvard grads would be complete without A.J. Delgado, known for … posting on Twitter/X. She probably could have learned how to do that at a local community college, to be honest.

There’s that attitude we’ve come to expect from our Ivy League betters.

In case it’s not clear, most of us out here in real-America aren’t nearly as impressed with degrees from Pompous U. as the holders of the degrees are.

Miss ‘Harvard real-degree’ Delgado is boasting on Twitter/X while Rufo is getting real work done. We can understand why she’s so salty.

A little bit of ad hominem, a pinch of appeal to authority, and there you have it – a recipe for ‘so what if the president of my super prestigious university is a cheat, I’m better than you!’

As you might expect, the people of Twitter/X had zero room for such pretentiousness.

Just to be clear, there are people who graduated or worked at Harvard who aren’t stuck-up snobs. The elitist ones just really like to tell everyone.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Delgado was steaming in reply to commenters:

She continued: ‘ … for some clown to come and say his online courses nonsense is the same. That’s not elitist- that’s stopping some a**hole from depriving me of what I earned … ‘

For those of you who do not speak Real-Harvardian, A.J.’s words roughly translate into English as ‘REEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!’

She kept doubling down, simply because she wanted to keep saying she has a ‘Harvard’ degree. It’s okay to laugh. We are.

The entire display was cringe-tacular. Harvard should send better representatives.

The feedback was not good for Delgado, and there was TONS of it.

The entire debacle brought up another aspect of Delgado’s haughty view of the Harvard Extension School that hurled another layer of mud atop Harvard’s reputation.

Why is the university selling ‘Harvard’ degrees to students if they’re not ‘real’ Harvard degrees?

Bingo. Clearly, Harvard has no issue selling its name to would-be students at the other schools of Harvard University or explicitly telling them they will earn a Harvard degree.

It’s best to just ignore them. After all, regardless of what they think of Rufo’s degree, he’s kicking their tails at every turn.

Pretty good for a guy without a ‘real’ Harvard degree.

The arrogance is pervasive.

Imagine speaking this way about the people who pay your salary.

There are always going to be the A.J. Delgados out there, looking down their noses at the rabble who didn’t get the ‘real’ degree.

‘Y’all suck.’ Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Well done, King. Enjoy your ivory towers, snobs. Our people are friendlier and much more fun.


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