Happening Now! Criminal Marxists Rampaging in UCLA & Portland


The violent pro-Hamas insurgents at UCLA are angry since the police threw away their Palestinian flag. They should burn it like these people have done to the American flag.

The J6 rioters and paraders were punished as if they were engaged in espionage when they love America and thought they were defending it. Most just walked around. These rioters and protesters hate America and are trying to overturn our government. It is much worse than anything J6 did. When is the administration going to take a stand against communism? Never. What do you think DEI is? Antifa, Black Lives Matter have openly admitted they are communist anarchists.

This is happening right now on campus:
The pro-Hamas contingent harassed a black student yesterday. They sound pretty racist.

Portland is currently facing a wave of Antifa-led protests, resulting in property damage, including a Starbucks window smashing and the occupation of the Portland State University library. The city’s police force has been criticized for its handling of the situation, with some accusing them of inaction.

Nothing is done, and the criminals get out of prison in under 24 hours. Then, they sue the police and get rewarded.

The same communist anarchists are destroying beautiful Montreal, Canada.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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