GOP Election Loss in NY. Dems Grab Majority in PA. ⋆ JP


How did this latest ‘winnable’ GOP election loss happen? Democrats picked up a House seat that was held by Republican George Santos. Republican weakness was on display against a Democrat who broke with his party’s narrative. Kelly Anne Conway remarked that Mazi Pilip’s failure to openly endorse Donald Trump left her “in the middle of the highway.”  Democrat Tom Suozzi distanced himself from the open border policy of the Biden Administration, took advantage of early voting and won. They are lessons Republicans must learn or continue to be losers.

In Pennsylvania, a special election left Democrats with the majority. How is this happening? Because the GOP is not learning the lessons needed to get elected. Snowstorms, pandemics, excuses galore-Republicans just can’t seem to “get out of the middle of the highway.” They are not projecting strength and not learning how to change their trajectory in elections.

A winnable GOP Election loss in NY

Grabbing the opportunity for early voting and being “wishy-washy” with regard to front-runner Donald Trump was (and is) a recipe for disaster. Mazi Pilip was a promising replacement for George Santos, who was ejected from Congress for wire fraud and money-laundering. She spoke well and was generally well-received, but she made some serious errors, and the first was not openly endorsing the front runner.

Does Texas have a constitutional right to defy Supreme Court on protecting its border?

Suozzi did two things that were smart that the Republicans better learn from: number one, early voting. He killed it by two to one, I think, in Queens, and by 16% in Nassau County, or vice versa. The [snowstorm] yesterday in New York, where all three of us were, proves that this bank your vote early, getting that early vote and making Republican and center-right voters comfortable with voting early is incredibly important. 

Number two, Suozzi, instead of lying like every other Democrat seems to be doing these days, ‘Mayorkas is doing a great job. There’s no crisis at the border. The border czar Kamala’s wonderful. Biden’s right.’ What did he do? He said, I better go against my party on the border. And he did it. Paid advertising, mailers, press conferences, public appeals. So he has shown the Democrats how to run on the border. I think Republicans should do the same thing with abortion. Instead of being ostriches and pretending, with their head in the sand, they should be peacocks and say, look, this is what it means to be pro-life in 2024. This is what it means to be pro-choice in 2024. And instead of hiding, own it and message it. I think he did a great job on that going against his party. Let’s see how many Democrats follow suit.  Kelly Anne Conway to Fox

Of course, Donald Trump stated Pilip’s loss was due to her not endorsing him – which indeed may have been part of it. Nikki Haley claimed that Donald Trump was the wrecking ball that sank her bid for the House seat (except that Pilip didn’t endorse him and waffled when she was asked about his candidacy). Haley is wrong about that whole scenario.

Republicans have been loath to embrace early voting – though we’d all love to see voting take place only on voting day unless someone is physically unable, it’s not likely to come back any time soon. So go get the votes needed and quit whining. GOP election loss is not set in stone- learn the lessons and move on them.



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