Golden Bachelor's Theresa Nist's Trash Photo Was 'Shade' at Gerry


The Golden Bachelor alum Theresa Nist’s photos of herself taking out the trash was “shade” at ex Gerry Turner, an insider exclusively tells Life & Style.

“Theresa never wanted a divorce. That wasn’t part of the plan. She says Gerry put on a facade for the cameras,” the source exclusively tells Life & Style on Monday, May 6. “He can be very sensitive and pour on the charm, but he’s also missing a chip when it comes to reality and reality TV.”

Three weeks after confirming their split, Theresa, 70, seemingly poked fun at the end of their marriage by sharing photos of herself pretending to take out the trash Friday, May 3, via Instagram.

“That’s why she posted the photo of her taking out the trash – she’s done with him,” the insider adds. “It was shady, but honest. Theresa has moved on from Gerry and the lies he told her.”

Alongside the photos of her taking out the trash, Theresa poked fun at the media coverage surrounding their split by sharing a caption that was seemingly inspired by an article. “The Golden Bachelor star Theresa Nist was seen taking out her trash inside her office. Theresa wore a short dress from Zara and a hint of berry lipstick to do the chore but left her cell phone on her desk,” she wrote. “This was the second time Theresa was spotted since she and Gerry announced their divorce. The trash can appeared to be empty.”

Theresa and Gerry, 72, revealed they were “dissolving [their] marriage” during a joint Good Morning America interview on April 12, which took place just three months after they got married during a televised wedding ceremony on January 4. The former couple explained that they decided to end their marriage when they both realized they didn’t want to move away from their families.

Despite insisting that they still loved each other, many fans speculated that The Hollywood Reporter’s November 2023 exposé – which revealed Gerry’s secret three-year romantic relationship with an ex – may have caused the split. Many viewers grew upset with the news, as Gerry implied on the show that he hadn’t dated since his wife Toni’s death in 2017.

A source exclusively told Life & Style that the scandal was a “red flag” for Theresa. However, the insider said “it was too late” once Theresa learned about Gerry’s past romance because she “was already head over heels in love.”

“It was a huge waste of time and it broke her heart, but she’ll get over it,” the source added. “Theresa is definitely better off without him.”

Courtesy of Theresa Nist/Instagram

Meanwhile, an additional insider revealed to Life & Style that Gerry never intended to find lasting love during his time on the show.

“His real goal was to set himself up as a Hollywood player and be rich and famous,” the source claimed. “He never had any interest in finding a bride or in the feelings of the women he courted on the show.”

The insider added that Theresa had been “warned not to marry Gerry because of his history of lies and fraud” before their nuptials.

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