Geraldo Rivera Announces New Gig After 'The Five' Ousting


Geraldo Rivera has announced his latest career venture, marking a new chapter after his firing from “The Five” on FOX News Media. NewsNation welcomed Rivera to its team as a correspondent-at-large on X Wednesday, starting his tenure with immediate effect.

Rivera’s inaugural appearance on the network is slated for February 14 on the prime-time show CUOMO, airing weeknights at 8 p.m. ET. Michael Corn, President of News at NewsNation, lauded Rivera’s entry. “Geraldo is a legendary journalist whose talent and experience is unrivaled in the industry,” said Corn. “We look forward to him joining the network and providing our viewers with his one-of-a-kind analysis.”

An Emmy and Peabody Award-winning journalist, Rivera contributed to FOX News Media as a senior correspondent and co-host of The Five, covering major events from the Iraq War to Hurricane Katrina, and significant trials like those of Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson.

Before his tenure at FOX, Rivera was at ABC News, contributing as an original anchor on Good Morning America and as a senior investigative reporter for 20/20. His journey in television also includes hosting the syndicated Geraldo Rivera Show from 1987 to 1998. Rivera’s broadcast career began at WABC-TV in New York, where he delivered reports on the Willowbrook State School.

His departure from Fox News, announced in June 2023, was reportedly attributed to his desire to pursue other opportunities and spend more time with his family. Rivera had been with Fox News for over two decades, where he served in various roles.

His time at Fox News was marked by his outspoken views that sometimes diverged from the network’s typical editorial stance. In July, Rivera shed light on his parting with the network, pinpointing a “toxic relationship” with a fellow host on “The Five,” while voicing his criticism towards the network for its approach regarding the January 6th Capitol breach.

Throughout various interviews and statements, Rivera had made known his dissatisfaction with the mismatch between his ideological beliefs and the path Fox News has taken, culminating in his departure from “The Five.” He was taken aback by his dismissal, especially since it removed him from the channel’s most popular program.

Rivera further stated his grievances concerning the management of his disagreements with a fellow host (not directly named but widely understood to be Greg Gutfeld), feeling the scales were tipped in the other’s favor.

Rivera extended his censure to Tucker Carlson as well, particularly for believing that January 6th was orchestrated from within. He had also voiced his frustration with the network’s depiction of the Capitol breach and Donald Trump’s involvement. Rivera recounted his final days at Fox News as filled with “fear,” in light of the network’s hefty legal settlements and the looming financial repercussions, including the prospect of job cuts for junior staff.

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