Gaza activists call for ‘intifada revolution’ during Eurovision contest in Malmo, Sweden


Gaza activists have continued to march through the streets of Malmo, Sweden, calling for an “intifada revolution” amid singer Eden Golan’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest final. 

Law enforcement authorities are bracing for a significant turnout, with up to 20,000 demonstrators expected to voice their opposition to Golan’s involvement. The city’s substantial Muslim population, constituting approximately 20 percent of its residents, adds to the hostile atmosphere, as many are seen waving Palestinian flags, according to the Times of Israel.

Protesters have been heard chanting a series of threatening slogans against Israel, including the “from the river to the sea” chant, calls for support of Hamas leadership, and calls for another Intifada against Israel. 

Video from Golan’s rehearsal on Friday night show the singer being met with loud and sustained boos as she came on stage. 

Golan was previously required to change the song she is performing, which is now an adaption of her original “October Rain” song that made mention of the Hamas attack on Israeli civilians on October 7.  

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which oversees the event and permitted Golan’s participation despite calls for her to be excluded, requested the song be modified in an attempt to stay politically neutral. 

In response to heightened security concerns, law enforcement agencies have ramped up security measures at the event. While no direct threats have been reported, police are maintaining a strong presence, with additional support provided by neighboring countries such as Norway and Denmark. 

Golan herself has been forced to be accompanied by a heavy security presence and has had to skip almost all events aside from the live shows and dress rehearsals, as threats have been made against the Jewish singer. 

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