FRONTLINES EXCLUSIVE: Eagle Pass residents speak out about crisis at Texas border


TPUSA Frontlines reporter Julio Rosas was on the ground in Eagle Pass, Texas, to interview locals about the ongoing migrant crisis taking place on the southern border.

The recent controversy in Eagle Pass revolves around a conflict between the Texas National Guard restricting federal border patrol agents from removing razor-wire barriers placed along the southern border to deter illegal crossings. The Supreme Court determined that Texas must allow federal border patrol agents to come in and remove the razor wire; however, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has held strong stating that he will continue ordering the Texas National Guard to place razor wire.

Abbott’s determination to enforce the border comes at a time when the United States has seen a massive increase in illegal immigration. The results of this crisis have been catastrophic for American citizens.

Eagle Pass residents have shared their experiences, with one local resident noting that he witnesses groups of illegal migrants running through his front yard daily. The resident shared stories with TPUSA Frontlines about recent encounters he has heard from his neighbors, including an incident where one resident found a migrant in his daughter’s bedroom. He also shared a story about his father needing serious medical attention but was turned away at a local hospital because it was overrun with illegal migrants.

“All day long I see ambulances rolling down there because either somebody almost drowned or died of hypothermia,” one Eagle Pass resident explained.

These incidents are not just exclusive to border towns like Eagle Pass. Several individuals from New England were present in Texas to show solidarity with Texas’s border enforcement efforts. These men highlighted the overwhelming presence of migrants in cities across states like New Jersey and New York.

“What we have in America now is every town is a border town,” one individual said. “There’s no way around that.”

As the migrant crisis increases and the federal government continues to have a weak stance on border security, Governor Abbott remains firm that Texas will do whatever it takes to curb illegal immigration. In a statement released on Wednesday, the governor accused President Biden of violating his oath to “faithfully execute immigration laws enacted by Congress.” Abbott also continues to argue that Texas has the legal authority to secure its own southern border.

This piece first appeared at TPUSA.

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