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To all those who are sending in memes, thank you!  Keep them coming please, as it helps me gather weaponry to fight the Left.  Please do share this post, and if you share an individual meme, consider mentioning you saw it on the Grok!

Speaking of, from this week, the Wednesday Edition.


*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***









I do have to wonder if Pfizer starts it’s meetings with “Pfizer, Pfizer, uber alles” or just a few quick “Heil Bourla” salutes before getting to the agendas.






























I know I’ve used this before, but… there’s a scene in the original movie Planet of the Apes where Taylor (Charlton Heston) is about to set off into the Forbidden Zone to explore and learn.  Dr. Zaius warns him ominously, “You may not like what you find”.  All these useful idiots wanting full communism thinking it will lead to a life of leisure and self-fulfillment.  They won’t like what they get either.  To wit:





Like George Zimmerman, the “white hispanic”.






















I do not begrudge people getting wealthier.  At all.  I’d like to be one of them.  But this kind of chart arouses enormous envy, especially envy at those that are perceived to have gained that wealth at the expense of others.  Envy that gets people dragged from their oak-paneled offices and homes and strung up.




Pick of the Post:


A tie between two categories.






How does anyone with three brain cells that talk with each other look at the above and not say “Wait, what happened here”?




I listen to talk radio as I can, and many tout the idea of buying “physical gold” – as opposed to pieces of paper saying they represent gold held somewhere – and the above always comes to mind.  Congrats.  You’ve plonked down serious coin for actual gold, and then the above happens again.  And those companies have your name and address to which they sent the gold.  Or, potentially, silver, platinum, etc., as well.  Do not doubt that under federal threat, those bits of information, along with your entire purchase history, will be in federal hands faster than two shakes of a lamb’s tail.




Palate Cleansers:







Las Vegas News Magazine

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