Former Drug Cartel Member Who Accused BKP Of 'Sexting' Threatens To Harm Georgia Record Distribution – JP


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Lauren Witzke, the former drug cartel member who accused GA GOP Vice Chair Brian K. Pritchard of immoral behavior, by alleging ‘sexting’ to young women, has threatened the Founder of CDM, and The Georgia Record, with removal from Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech platform for reporting on her activities.

Apparently, Witzke is involved with her media company in the back end of Frank Speech production.

Wood contacted Witzke on Twitter after she released the post on ‘X’ accusing Pritchard, and professionally asked her about the information. There was no response for two days. The Georgia Record then began to report on the information and our investigation into the affair.

Witzke then threatened Wood with removal from the network as shown in the X direct messages below:

Las Vegas News Magazine

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