For Arresting More Grandmas Than Any AG in US History, Garland Is Clown of the Week


Attorney General Merrick Garland went up to the podium to mark the upcoming anniversary of the January 6 riot in the Capitol that Garland dutifully calls an attack or an insurrection. He blatantly lied again and said, “…five officers who have lost their lives as a result of what happened to them on Jan.6…”

There is NO evidence of five officers dying because of the riot. There is evidence that a trigger-happy Capitol Hill police officer murdered Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt.

Garland bragged about the arrests of 1200 people; some were rioters, but most were people who walked around the Capitol. He oversaw the arrest of more grandmothers than any Attorney General in US history.

Garland claims he is upholding the integrity of the law, pursuing justice without “fear or favor,” and he said it in all seriousness.

There is no hope for the DOJ/FBI. It has to be broken up, but, remarkably, our Congress approved an enormous brand new building for the FBI.

Garland must think Americans are very stupid.

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