Feel-Good Friday: Trafficking Survivor Jean Marie Davis Speaks at the DC March for Life


Friday was the 51st annual D.C. March for Life, and it is an appropriate subject for Feel-Good Friday, particularly because there are so many inspirational stories surrounding people who chose Life or whose mothers chose Life for them. I hope you check out my exclusive with Steventhen Holland this weekend, as that is a feel-good story that packs a powerful punch and will move you to tears. 

This redemptive, feel-good story of Jean Marie Davis, a sex trafficking survivor who chose Life and now lives a transformed life advocating for pregnant women and families, is a perfect complement to Steventhen’s tale, and for Feel-Good Friday.

A sex-trafficking survivor who now operates a pregnancy resource center told attendees of the 51st annual March for Life that her story proves the life-saving power of abortion alternative providers, contrary to pervasive attacks from the media.

Pro-lifers from across and beyond America are currently marching from the National Mall to a concluding spot between the U.S. Capitol and U.S. Supreme Court, to celebrate the 2022 overturn of Roe v. Wade and build on that victory by urging Congress to take further action. 

Among Friday’s speakers was Jean Marie Davis, executive director of Branches Pregnancy Resource Center in Brattleboro, Vermont. Davis became a victim of human trafficking at just two years old, setting her on a life path of horrific abuse that eventually left her pregnant and homeless. She got the support she needed to turn her life around when she met someone from a pregnancy resource center.

Davis said during her speech Friday:

At the age of 29, I was looking at death. I was trafficked in 33 different states. I was hooked onto crystal meth. I wanted to die. I wanted my son dead. I had no life. I had no hope. But then I went to a pregnancy center in New Hampshire, and a woman named Phyllis Phelps, yes, saved my life. She gave me the Word: I know a man named Jesus. And she said, ‘for God so loved the world He gave his only begotten son’” and those “‘believing in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.’

Debunking the pro-abortion accusation that pro-lifers only care about the child and not the mother, Phyllis Phelps not only guided Davis into a pregnancy resource program, but she opened House of Hope New Hampshire so that she and Davis could work together to help women. Davis gave birth to her son Jonah, now nine years old, and she speaks Life over him every day where death was spoken over her. Davis tells him, ‘You’re the next Billy Graham. God is going to use you like he used Billy Graham,” Davis told EWTN News. She says that Jonah dreams of having a family of his own with lots of kids. Like Steventhen Holland, he now has hope for future generations.

It’s really cool to see that the generations and the hope. That’s what it really is. You’re saving the soul of the woman and you’re helping her to save that life of the child.

Davis is now executive director of Branches Pregnancy Resource Center. She testified before the Vermont Senate against a bill that sought to restrict and limit pregnancy resource centers like Branches. Sadly, the bill passed into law, but Davis is partnering with Alliance Defending Freedom to see it overturned.


Davis spoke with power at the March for Life, and oozes gratitude for how a woman named Phyllis, through a pregnancy resource center saved her, and in turn, she saved her son.

I knew after Phyllis helped me, I wanted to help the next person. […] I want to be like Harriet Tubman. She rescued all kinds of people out of slavery, and human trafficking is slavery. It’s just a modern day. I was sold from one man to another, so I know what that looks like.

So that’s was where I said, maybe I can do this! So, I said to Phyllis, “Okay, I’ll be the ambulance, you be the hospital.”

Women like Jean Marie Davis, and babies like Jonah, are why we continue to march. 

Las Vegas News Magazine

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