Fani Willis Campaigned on ‘Not Engaging in Sexual Misconduct’ in 2020


Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis reportedly campaigned in 2020 in not “engaging in sexual misconduct.”

Willis’s campaign promise was ironic to say the least, follwing allegations of her own affair along with financial implications.

When Willis was asked about her qualifications to be elected Fulton County’s prosecutor, she said:

“Because they deserve a DA that won’t have sex with his employees, because they deserve a DA that won’t put money in their own pocket when it should go to benefit children.”

“Because we deserve better.”

Willis ultimatley won the general election on November 3, 2020, replacing longtime former county prosecutor accused of corruption.

Her term will end on December 31, 2024.

Last year, Trump and codefendant Mike Roman accused Willis of an mproper romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, her top Trump case prosecutor.

On Thursday, Wade testified his relationship with Willis after she opened the case against Trump in 2021.

However, former Fulton County District Attorney employee, Robin Yeartie, said Willis was in a relationship with Nathan Wade since 2019.

During Thursday’s hearing, Willis took the stand to testify against allegations she had an “improper” affair with special prosecutor Nathan Wade

Fox News reported:

At one point, Willis was asked by a Trump lawyer, Ashleigh Merchant, in a heated moment if she had any “proof” that she reimbursed Wade for vacations because the payments were in cash.

“The testimony of one witness is enough to prove a fact,” Willis responded. “Are you telling me I’m lying?”

“I’m asking if you have any proof,” the lawyer responded. And Willis shot back, “The proof is what I just told you.”

“Has Nathan Wade ever visited you at the place you laid your head?” Merchant asked Willis in another question related to the timeline of her relationship with Wade.

“When?” an exasperated Willis responded.

“Has he ever visited you at the place you lay your head,” the lawyer repeated.

“So let’s be clear because you lied,” Willis said before picking up various piles of paper.

“Right here, you lied right here,” Willis said, before shouting “No, no, no” when the lawyer interjected.

“It is a lie,” Willis said while holding two piles of papers above her head. “It is a lie.”

At that point, a five-minute recess was called.

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