EXCLUSIVE: Steve Bannon predicts Trump will not get convicted, will be re-elected in a landslide


Jack Posobiec and Steve Bannon gave their 2024 predictions on the New Year’s Day edition of Human Events Daily. Digging into comparisons of the revolutionary leaders of America’s founding to those fighting the conservative fight today. The episode was shot at TPUSA’s America Fest, and the two agreed that the founding fathers would be on the side of the MAGA anti-globalist movement rather than the oligarchs and neoliberal neocons who are running the country and the world. In fact, Posobiec pointed out, the tea that the Boston Tea Party tossed into Boston Harbor was actually from Guangzhou in China. 

“This is about liberty, and tyranny, and breaking off from an American empire and driven by an American deep state that no one ever intended, there was never a vote to do this, there was never a debate that they were gonna do this, it just kinda happened and that’s what the deep state did. It’s the fourth branch of government, and the framers at the time, if the framers came back they would sit there and go ‘well we’re with the AmFest guys,’ we’re not with the administrative state and the deep state, this is what we broke off from, that’s the tyranny,” Bannon said.

The lives Americans lead have drastically changed over the years due to economic changes. It’s not only much harder but nearly impossible for Americans to be able to buy homes, and create or find community. There is a lack of cohesion to civic society, they said. Testosterone has dropped among men, resilience has dropped across the board, and now we have “a totally different country.”

Illegal immigrants, refugees, a looming financial crisis due to overspending by the federal government, all mean, to Bannon, that “a hard line needs to be taken.” All illegal immigrants need to go home, he said, otherwise the country will be lost. Additionally, he said that there needs to be a discussion on entitlements, but that cannot happen under current conditions.

“You cannot have open borders plus a welfare state,” Posobiec said.

What’s going to happen, they wondered, if Trump comes back to the White House and has to enact the changes necessary to get the country back on track? Bannon called for “massive taxes” on the progressive billionaires, those who back the not-for-profits that are fueling the woke social programs. “The only way to back them off and to break them is to take their money,” Bannon said.

“Let me be blunt, the oligarchs in this nation, the lords of easy money on Wall Street, in the Federal Reserve, in the Treasury Department, in the Administrative and deep state, in Silicon Valley, only care about themselves, they are going to bury a generation,” Bannon said. He said “they system is rigged against the good householder.”

“There’s a reason that Detroit looks the way that it does and Shanghai looks the way that it does. That was all American capital. The greatest lie of the CCP… is that they are the ones who built China from nothing into what it is now.” Posobiec said. “They did not do that, it was western capital, western financial institutions, western technology.” And that, he said, goes back to Tiananmen Square in 1989 when student demonstrators were massacred by the government.

Bannon predicted that Trump would be pressured to add Nikki Haley to the vice presidential spot on his presidential ticket. He said that Haley becoming part of the Trump administration would lead to failure. Posobiec said that there have been predictions that if Haley were to become vice president, Trump would be assassinated.

They predicted that Americans would demand an accounting on the war in Ukraine. Over $113 billion in taxpayer funding has gone to that effort, and Congress has voted against an audit.

Bannon predicted that Trump will be reelected, and that he would not be convicted by Jack Smith on federal charges. “If they come for him,” Posobiec asked, “if they come to arrest him in Mar-a-Lago, if they come to throw down, what happens if Trump says he won’t go?”

“He’s not gonna go, first of all he’s not gonna get found guilty,” Bannon said. “And if they think they’re gonna get some jury, Jack Smith is psycho. He’s gonna get some rigged jury with this disastrous federal judge, and find him guilty on something, and they’re hurrying up, hurrying up, they gotta do it before election day. If they think that we will tolerate accepting that they got another thing coming because it’s not going to happen.”

It is about the populist movement that Bannon and Posobiec made a bold prediction, saying that Americans will be empowered and informed and would not continue to allow themselves to be chewed up by a system that is designed to destroy them.

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