Ex-Capitol Police Officer Who Lied About J6 Gets HUMILIATED In Democrat Primary


A former J6 police officer who was discovered to have misrepresented his experience that day has badly lost a Democratic primary in Maryland.

Former U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, whose recounting of the January 6th, 2021 riots was called into question after he claimed rioters yelled racial slurs, lost badly in the state’s 3rd congressional district on Tuesday, losing to State Senator Sarah Elfreth by 10.6%, the Western Journal reports. As of Wednesday morning, Elfreth led Dunn 35.4% to 24.8% in a race that attracted a stunning 22 candidates. Despite raising millions of dollars and earning the support of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Dunn was not able to overcome Elfreth’s built-in advantage as an elected official in the district. The deep blue district is all but certain to elect Elfreth in November.

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Dunn drew scorn from conservative circles while testifying before the congressional select committee convened to investigate the Capitol riots. The 15-year veteran of the Capitol Police told investigators that his former colleague Brian Sicknick “died from injuries he sustained in the line of duty defending the Capitol.” However, Sicknick’s death was later ruled natural by the D.C. chief medical examiner as a result of two strokes, the Washington Post reported at the time. Conservative commentator Glenn Beck has gone further to raise doubts about Dunn’s claim that he was called the N-word by rioters.

In a statement during his campaign, Dunn was praised by Pelosi for acting as a vanguard for lawmakers who claimed to fear for their lives that day. “I saw Officer Dunn’s courage firsthand in the face of unprecedented violence and insurrection on January 6th, when he stood firm to protect the Capitol, the Constitution and democracy itself. I am personally grateful for the life-saving protection that he provided to my staff, to me and to so many others in the Capitol,” she said in an April 19 news release from Dunn’s campaign. “All are in awe of his generosity and conviction in sharing his harrowing story from that dark day, testifying before our Select Committee to Investigate January 6th.”

Ironically, Pelosi’s daughter, a documentary filmmaker exploring the sentencing of J6 prisoners, has spoken out against what she perceived as unfair and overly harsh sentences for non-violent actions that day. Tarik Johnson, a former Capitol Police officer, has also contradicted Dunn’s claims, telling Tucker Carlson in December that no “insurrection” occurred that day.

In December, Dunn resigned from his post and in January announced his candidacy, leaning heavily into his J6 experience in a slick video where he walks through a violent, chaotic hallway filled with rioters carrying Trump flags. “Trump… is hell-bent on finishing what he started this day,” he said in the video.


For his efforts in helping the select committee lay the blame at the feet of President Trump, Dunn was awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal by President Joe Biden in 2021. Haters on social media were quick to bring him down a peg after the loss.

“I’m so happy you didn’t win, words can’t express. You crisis actors are some of the lowest scum in America,” one follower wrote while another chimed in sarcastically, “I feel your pain sweetheart.”

One X user noted that no Capitol Police officers were shot that day, and the most high-profile death was the shooting of protestor Ashli Babbitt by the police themselves.

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