Every Word You Just Said Was Wrong: Philly Columnist Whines About Illegal Immigration 'Local Story'


Hey, Twitchy readers: have you all heard about the violent, out-of-control illegal immigration (and related crime) crisis that has been destroying America pretty much since the first day of Joe Biden’s presidency? 

No? Well, we can’t really blame you. It’s sort of a local story, after all. 

Or at least that is the opinion of Will Bunch, a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Yes, even though a gang of illegals violently beat two New York City police officers on the last Saturday in January, THEN were released without bail, THEN flipped off the cameras as they were leaving court, Bunch is baffled as to why the national media is covering it.

Whoo boy, there is so much to break down here, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Let’s start with Bunch not realizing why the NEW YORK Post would be driving coverage of an attack on NEW YORK police officers. 

Luckily, people were happy to educate him on that front. 

It’s shocking, right? And Bunch actually responded to these questions (or tried to, anyway). 


That … didn’t really go well for him either. 

We’re not sure if Bunch ever went to journalism school, but he obviously never went to ‘First Rule of Holes School.’

Of course, by trying to make this excuse, Bunch just opened himself up to the NEXT problem with his tweet.

Whoopsies. And that doesn’t even include George Floyd, a local story if there ever was one. 

We see what Marcus did there. Well played. 

Bloodborne2, an account that ALWAYS brings receipts, was happy to point out some other local (or otherwise not particularly newsworthy) stories that somehow made national news. And were obsessed over by said national news.

Huh. We don’t recall Bunch complaining about how any of those stories took over the national conversation.


Then there was the way that Bunch characterized the crime committed by the illegal aliens: ‘a clash with police.’

Really, Will? A clash? That’s what it was? 

And that brings us to yet another bit of gaslighting the Inquirer columnist’s tweet. 

The crime was a DIRECT result of the border crisis AND of leftist policies on punishing (or not punishing) crime. Not sure how to break this to Bunch, but those things are happening all over America, not just in New York City. 

Scorching take, even.

If it doesn’t affect Bunch, it’s not national news. See how easy that is? But maybe Texas Governor Greg Abbott can start sending some buses to Philadelphia. A LOT of buses. Maybe Bunch will care then.

Of course, there is also the ‘moral panic’ aspect of Bunch’s tweet, but frankly, we’re pretty tired of him. His entire comment on this NATIONAL news story can be summed up as follows: 

Yeah. What you said, Wendell Pierce. What you said. 


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