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Last week, the Dover City Council did its part to support world Peace. I’m sorry. What I meant to say is that it posed and postured in a meaningless dance with no relevance to the business of the people of that city. Wait.

Sorry again.

Many in Dover are just as woke as those they elect, so there was meaning. Liberals in government voted to make sure liberals outside the government know they opposed whatever the hell is happening in Gaza as if that had meaning.

It was a bifurcated City Council meeting this week, part debate, part regular meeting. More than half of it was taken up by the contentious Gaza ceasefire resolution. The rest was advancing routine, non-controversial city business.

CEASEFIRE: Councilors April Richer and Robbie Warach sponsored the resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. I moved to remove the ceasefire resolution from the agenda as not germane to city business, but that attempt failed for lack of a second. During public forum, eight people spoke in support of the resolution and five spoke against. . were civil. Council discussion of the resolution took 27 minutes. Every councilor addressed the issue. The vote to pass the resolution was 7-1 by a show of hands – not a recorded roll-call vote as is customary (see picture above). I was the only councilor to vote no. (One councilor was absent.) Dover is now an outlier on this. The only other NH city that adopted a similar resolution was Lebanon, where three of seven members abstained. Manchester voted 14-1 against taking it up. Portsmouth voted 7-2 against considering it. All other cities have refused to put it on the agenda, including Nashua, Concord, and Rochester.

I didn’t look, but I expect that Dover stands with Ukraine, supported BLM, and the seasoned criminal who overdosed on Fentanyl, Saint George Floyd. Dover knows it isn’t easy on taxpayers, being green (and doesn’t care about the cost), and in their schools and public libraries, they defend allowing kids to have access to pornography.

I’m sure they think elections aren’t rigged except when Democrats insist or that J6 was actually an insurrection despite the lack of organized military leadership and the absence of any weapons.

Dover likes pride flags more than the American flag, has a growing distrust of free speech, loves mask mandates and lockdowns, and thinks everyone should get vaccinated (and maybe still does).

And they support a ceasefire in Gaza.

It is the first time I can recall them ever resolving that Hamas should stop launching rockets into southern Israel, even though that’s not what they mean. I’m also wondering if they will resolve that the United States should stop funding wars in the Middle East. Dover-Like Liberals were very much against that sort of thing when Republicans ran the government. Perhaps they could resolve that one way to ensure a cease-fire is for American Taxpayers not to have to pay for the ordinance necessary not to cease firing.

Or not. This is Dover.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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