The aspiring tyrants at the World Economic Forum are meeting this week to discuss how they can convince you to believe their lies and schemes again. The theme of the meeting — “Restoring Trust” — is an admission that people of the world are on to them. In this episode, we discuss what they’re talking about in Davos, some of the main players attending, and why Argentina’s libertarian firebrand president, Javier Milei, is attending.  

Other stories in today’s show include: 

@ 13:22 |Last night in Iowa, Trump trounced his most competitive opponents by 30 points and even caused one to drop out;   

@ 25:07 | A small number of principled lawmakers recently held a hearing on the destruction that continues to pile up thanks to the experimental mRNA Covid injections they forced on people; 

@ 33:00 | TNA Senior Editor Rebecca Terrell interviews Karen Bracken of TN Citizens for State Sovereignty. 


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