Disgraced New York cop rehired despite admitting to sexual assault of 15-year-old, being charged with felonies


A disgraced police officer in Monticello, New York has been rehired by the department after resigning when he admitted to sexually assaulting a 15-year-old in 2017.   

Jeremy Solomon, a Monticello, New York cop who left the position in 2017 after admitting under oath that he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old, has been rehired while also having pending felony charges against him, per New York News 12.   


At the time of the admitted assault, Solomon was sentenced to a three-year probation.  

He was 24 at the time, however, his case was dropped due to a typo that listed him as a 17-year-old, according to the outlet’s reading of court records.   

A picture of the court documents stated that Solomon “engaged in oral sexual conduct with the 15-year-old.” As of Thursday, Solomon is back on the job as a dispatcher after being arrested again in January.  

“The biggest victims here are the community,” former Monticello Mayor George Nikolados told the outlet. “A sexual assault victim having to go into a police department wouldn’t know if they’re even safe in our own police department to report a crime.”  

Nikolados said that Solomon was able to be reinstated as a dispatcher in 2022 after his resignation and admission to the sexual assault. He was able to sue in order to be rehired as a dispatcher.   

Solomon was arrested again in Jan. 2024 and suspended by the village board after allegedly lying about his criminal record on his new police application. He was hit with felony charges of falsifying records and offering a false instrument with intent to defraud.  

“He’s under the impression that since his case was thrown out on a technicality that the statement he made under oath doesn’t count,” Nikolados told the outlet.  

The former mayor told News 12 that Solomon was “extorting” him in the election.   

“Basically, extorting me saying if you don’t put me back in as a police officer, I’m going to take these ballots and give it to the other guys,” Nikolados alleged.   

Nikolados and other law enforcement told the outlet that newly elected government officials allowed Solomon to return to work in April.    

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