DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Says There's a Backlog of 3 Million Asylum Proceedings


As we reported on Tuesday, the Border Patrol reported more than 300,000 migrant encounters in December alone. That broke September’s record by a few thousand. They’re not illegal immigrants, though — all of those military-aged single men are here seeking asylum. Technically, they’re supposed to seek asylum in the first safe country they reach, but now it’s more of a pick-and-choose deal. You fly into Mexico from Africa and drag your rolling carry-on across the U.S. border and say you’re seeking asylum. 

The courts determine if your asylum claim is valid. And as Fox News’ Bill Melugin recently reported, a woman from Colombia had an ICE check-in date in 2031. The immigrants are given phones so they can check in on the court proceedings. Also, the court dates are set in different cities around the nation, so while the Biden administration is flying you into New York in the dead of night, you’re expected to appear in immigration court in Florida eight years from now.

Melugin says DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appeared on CNN Wednesday morning and said there’s a backlog of about 3 million cases. This is the same guy who says the border isn’t open.

“… in immigration court proceedings.”

That backlog will certainly let up once President Biden closes the border to new entries.


They could make their asylum claims in Mexico.

So you’re an illegal who gets a court date 10 years into the future and gets to live in the United States until that court proceeding, which they’ll certainly show up for, deems that they’re truly deserving of asylum.


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