Desperation: Unhinged 'Lizard Man' James Carville Goes Berserk In Profane Rant Falsely Declaring End Of Everything If Trump wins (Video) ⋆ JP


There’s a good deal of desperation in the Democrat Party these days, and with good reason.  Americans are waking up to the dumpster fire that is the Biden Regime.  And they’re fed up.  So, what’s a Democrat operative to do when everything is going against him?  Lash out, of course.  That’s what Democrat hack James Carville did this weekend, attacking young voters who have turned against Biden.

“So I hear this a lot: ‘James, young voters are just not into this. It’s two candidates — one’s in the 80s, one is almost in the 80s — they’re concerned about things that Washington politicians, and you just can’t blame them for’ — Oh, shit. Fuck you!” an unhinged Carville screamed.

“There will be no government left, there will be no rights left, you will live under theocracy, you’ll end up with Christian Nationalism. But that’s alright you little fucking 26 year old, you don’t feel like the elections important,” he added.

Translation:  It’s the end of the space-time continuum if Trump wins.  And it’ll all be your fault.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Excellent outreach to young voters James. The kids love nothing more than being scolded by a lizard person,” Eric Abbenante wrote on Twitter.

Twitchy observed:

Carville is nervous, and he should be with Biden’s falling approval numbers and everyday Americans disliking him enough to swear at him in public.

And nothing inspires young people to vote the way you want them to like a video of a bald, old, skinny, vampire-looking, lizard man screeching at them about white Christian nationalism. That’s a winner.

Isn’t that the truth?

Twitchy added:

They’re in trouble. Young people have figured out that some creepy old guy filled with Botox lying about his entire life is probably not the best person to lead the free world even if he is promising to do away with their student loan debt. Perhaps even they are figuring out any candidate who tries to buy their vote does not care about earning it.

Others weighed in:

Heh. So am I.

Indeed. Democrats have nothing to run on — no accomplishments, nothing. So all they have are lies and fear.

That’s basically their argument.

Indeed. It smells like… victory.

Exit question: What’s next? Will Carville threaten to shoot our pets if we don’t vote for Biden?  We’re not too far from that now…

Here’s Carville’s full unhinged and childish meltdown, if you can stomach it:


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