DeSantis Rejects Attempt To Use Florida Taxpayer Money To Pay Trump’s Legal Bills | JP


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shot down a longshot measure on Monday night that would use Florida taxpayer money to pay for former President Donald Trump’s legal bills.

The bill, filed by GOP state Sen. Ileana Garcia, would allow the state to give up to $5 million to Trump for him to use in the four criminal cases that he faces.

“We’re in the midst of an historic moment where we’re watching an election that’s trying to be stolen by left wing prosecutors, the Biden Administration and even Blue States,” said GOP state Sen. Ileana Garcia in a statement. “They’re not trying to win at the ballot box; they’re trying to keep President Trump off the ballot by weaponizing the courts. Having a Floridian in the White House is good for our state — and anything we can do to support Florida Presidential candidates, like President Trump, will not only benefit our state, but our nation.”

A post from Politico on X about the bill was titled, “Some Florida Republicans want taxpayers to pay Trump’s legal bills,” to which DeSantis responded: “But not the Florida Republican who wields the veto pen…”

The report noted that the legislation never appeared to be headed that far to begin with as there was no companion bill in the Florida House and GOP legislative leaders in the state have not promoted it.

“There also could be legal questions about the bill since Florida has strict procedural rules regarding legislation that is tailored to an individual or a single business,” the report added.

DeSantis’ rejection of the measure comes after he dropped out of the Republican Party presidential primary this week after finishing second place in the Iowa Caucuses.

“While I’ve had disagreements with Donald Trump, such as on the coronavirus pandemic and his elevation of Anthony Fauci, Trump is superior to the current incumbent Joe Biden. That is clear,” DeSantis said in endorsing the former president on Sunday. “I signed a pledge to support the Republican nominee and I will honor that pledge. He has my endorsement because we can’t go back to the old Republican Guard of yesteryear, a repackaged form of warmed over corporatism that Nikki Haley represents.”

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