Denver Mayor Allocates $90 MILLION for Illegal Migrants


Denver Mayor Mike Johnston’s administration is saddling Denver taxpayers with a whopping $90 million bill to address the ongoing illegal immigration crisis.

The city implemented several measures to meet this substantial financial obligation, including freezing the hiring of approximately 160 vacant positions and reallocating funds from various sources.

In his announcement, he signaled a major shift in Denver’s response to the migrant crisis.

“We spent a lot of time advocating at the Federal level for support here,” Johnson said.

“There was a Bipartisan bill to do that failed in the House, you know that story.”

“It was clear that was not going to happen in Congress in the next seven months, so we felt we had to take things into our own hands.”

“That’s why we came up with something that provides better support for newcomers without cutting core public services,” he added.


He said his approach aligned with core American values, underscoring the city’s commitment.

However, Libs of TikTok thought otherwise:

“Democrats made Denver a sanctuary city in 2017. Democrats control Colorado and passed progressive immigration policies in 2021.”

The move extends support to migrants for six months.

The news follows failed attempts to secure federal aid and significant budgetary cuts, as Denver has faced an influx of nearly 41,000 migrants since the conclusion of 2022.

Denver’s strategy contrasted with approaches adopted by cities such as Chicago and New York City, as its program will provide asylum seekers with apartment accommodation.

Besides housing, it will also offer comprehensive support to illegal migrants, including:

Job training

Skill development

Opportunities for certifications

Unpaid work experience

Food assistance

Assistance with asylum applications

Denver’s program will provide migrants with intensive preparation while they await work permits, as mandated by federal law.

In other cities like New York City and Chicago, they have adopted shorter stays in their shelter systems.

New York guarantees most adult migrants only 30 days in its shelter system.

Chicago enforces a 60-day limit.

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