Dems, Desperate to Distract From Biden's Obvious Deterioration, Focus on Trump's Doctor


The evidence is ample: Joe Biden is losing it. He shows all the classic signs of advancing dementia: Confusion, inappropriate physical gestures (to be fair, he’s always done that), trouble with finding words, and sudden and unfounded fits of anger. It’s becoming an obvious and concerning problem for Democrats, as they head into the general election.

So what is the left doing to deal with this? Attempting to deflect by hand-wringing about former President Trump’s physician being a member of his Bedminster golf club.

….[A]fter relying on a longtime personal doctor and then two White House physicians who had attested to his well-being in office, Trump turned to an unknown on the national stage to provide this report: Bruce A. Aronwald, a 64-year-old osteopathic physician from New Jersey — and a longtime member of Trump’s Bedminster golf club.

Trump’s and Biden’s cognition and general health have emerged as one of the primary issues for a majority of voters in the presidential race. There’s no rule that candidates must be more forthcoming about their health, but the lead author of an academic study of medical reports issued by Trump and Biden in the last campaign said the lack of detail in the letter makes it difficult for voters to truly understand whether the 77-year-old Trump is truly in better health than his 81-year-old opponent, as he regularly proclaims on the trail.

Anyone who has watched both men on video, at public events, and during major speeches, can see the difference. I saw President Trump speak in February at CPAC 2024, and he was lively, dynamic, focused, and vivid – not capabilities Joe Biden possesses.

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Here’s the onion:

Biden has released a six-page letter that details his blood tests, conditions and medications, which the White House said gives voters a clearer picture of health. “Joe Biden is proud to have been transparent with his health records as Vice President, as a presidential candidate, and as President,” White House spokesman Andrew Bates said in a statement. “He believes all leaders owe that level of honesty to the American people.” 

A (Washington) Post review of Aronwald found him to be a well-respected local doctor who had found notable success with a “concierge” medical service catering to well-off clientele like Trump; some patients say he has never been openly political. Federal campaign finance records show only a $1,000 donation in 2015 to the presidential campaign of former New Jersey governor Chris Christie (R). 

Aronwald is also a well-known figure at Trump’s Bedminster club, with members saying they had noticed he spent time with Trump and his family when they were all at their villas near the pool. 

The first layer to peel off this stinker involved Biden’s “six-page letter,” which conspicuously does not include a cognitive test, the reasons for which are painfully obvious.  

The second layer portrays Trump’s physician, Bruce Aronwald, as a Trump intimate; although admitting he is a “well-respected” doctor, and that, while he has spent time with Trump, he doesn’t seem to be overtly political, having favored Chris Christie over Trump in 2015. And, honestly, wouldn’t a doctor who knows their patient, their lifestyle, their habits, and their personality, be more inclined to know their mental state?

This is a cheap and transparent attempt at deflection.

Want some more evidence of Joe Biden’s deterioration? Here:

It’s sad. It’s elder abuse. He’s not fit for the job. And nobody – anywhere – can find any similar video of Donald Trump, because it just plain doesn’t exist.

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