David Mamet says DEI is ‘fascist totalitarianism’ at LA Times book fest


During his appearance at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on Sunday, David Mamet took aim at the push to implement diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in the film industry.

The acclaimed screenwriter, author, and Trump supporter argued that while efforts to increase access to positions in the entertainment world were needed following decades of discrimination, things had moved too far in the other direction.

“DEI is garbage,” Mamet told host Matt Brennan and the audience at USC’s Newman Recital Hall, per the LA Times. “It’s fascist totalitarianism.” 

To highlight his point, he cited the diversity requirements recently approved by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science for the Oscar for Best Picture. In order to be considered for the prestigious award, beginning in 2025, films must adhere to a strict list of quotas aimed at boosting the visibility of racial minorities, LGBTQ people, women, and those with disabilities.

At least one of the lead actors or significant supporting actors and 30 percent of all secondary actors must hail from an underrepresented group in the country where the film was produced, and the subject matter must center around underrepresented stories.

Additonally, at least 30 percent of the crew and two of the creative leadership positions must be from underrepresented groups.

Mamet slammed the quotas, saying the idea that the Academy “can’t give you a stupid f*cking statue unless you have 7 percent of this, 8 percent of that” was “intrusive.”

“The [film industry] has little business improving everybody’s racial understanding as does the fire department,” he quipped, suggesting everyone would have more success if they focused on selling popcorn.

Mamet, who is no stranger to being politically incorrect, recently slammed the push for gender-neutral bathrooms, saying it “politicizes the human excretory function.”

His memoir, titled “Everywhere an Oink Oink,” details his decades in Hollywood and dives further into his thoughts on how far-left initiatives have led to the industry’s downfall.

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