Daniel Penny's Lawyer Speaks On 'Confounding' Decision to Release Violent Illegal Migrants Without Bail


Last Summer, Daniel Penny stopped a violent repeat criminal from harming innocents on a subway train in New York City and soon found himself fighting for his freedom against the leftist politicians who run it. However, these same politicians seem willing to let four illegal aliens free without bail after assaulting two police officers. 

Now, Penny’s lawyer is speaking out about the decision. 

According to Fox News, Attorney Thomas Kenniff, the man defending Penny, is “confounded” over the decision to release these illegal migrants without bail and allow them to escape justice: 

Attorney Thomas Kenniff, who is representing Daniel Penny, a Marine veteran charged in the chokehold death of a subway passenger last year, called the prosecutor’s decision to release the migrants without bail “very confounding.” 

“The primary purpose of bail is to ensure that people return to court,” Kenniff told Fox News Digital in an interview. “[F]rom what I understand, they seem to have minimal if no ties to New York City.”  

Kenniff argued that having limited resources might be a factor in the case, but it wasn’t a “reason not to set bail at all.”

He said the defendants had all the indications “of someone who might not be willing to return to court to face the consequences of their actions.”

“Moreover, anyone who is willing to resist arrest — or even worse, assault a police officer — that’s indicative of someone who doesn’t have respect for the legal system, which makes them even less likely to return to court,” Kenniff said. “So if there was ever a situation where bail is appropriate, this seems that sort of case.” 

The decision is indeed confounding until you realize that the leftist politicians of New York City are dedicated to a “social justice” approach to policing. Back in 2020, during the reign of Andrew Cuomo, policing in New York was “reimagined” and a massive reform was put in place that effectively made policing a race-based issue: 

Cuomo signed the “Say Their Name” reform package last week to “help reduce inequality in policing and reimagine the state’s criminal justice system,” according to a statement. The package also banned chokeholds and prohibited false race-based 911 reports.

“Police reform is long overdue in this state and this nation, and New York is once again leading the way and enacting real change to end the systemic discrimination that exists in our criminal justice and policing systems,” Cuomo said in a statement. “These critical reforms will help improve the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve.”

This “reimagining” has been a massive problem in New York, effectively resulting in an increase in crime and even assaults against police officers. The NYPD has seen a mass exodus of police officers as violence against them has risen 25 percent. 

This reimagining also focuses heavily on the race of a person rather than the crime. In Penny’s case, he didn’t even commit a crime but is still fighting a charge of manslaughter against the city. 

Penny’s troubles began when he stopped Jordan Neely, a repeat criminal with a history of assault, from harming people on the New York subway. Penny did everything in his power to make sure Neely was no worse for the wear but Neely still ended up dying. New York’s politicians came down on Penny hard, arresting him as they accused him of all sorts of social sins. He still fights for his freedom today. 

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It shouldn’t slip past anyone that Penny is being punished for being a good samaritan and some illegal aliens are being set free without bail for literally beating up police officers, and that this is indicative of how far New York has fallen and unsafe it’s become. 

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