Dad Loses Custody for Refusing to ‘Trans’ Son


A New York father has tragically lost a custody battle for his son after he opposed “transgender” medical treatment for the young boy, who has decided he does want to live as his biological sex! How can any honest, objective individual argue that this is a decision made in the child’s interests?

The Twitter account Two Genders One Truth summed up the heartbreaking story of the Hannons, based off a UK Daily Mail article. Young Matthew Hannon’s mother began taking the little boy to a transgender “therapist” when he was only five years’ old (note: the Daily Mail said it had changed names for privacy reasons). It is astounding that 17-year-olds are not considered mature enough to drink alcohol, but five-year-olds are supposed to be capable of deciding to damage their bodies and cross dress in pursuit of the fiction that people can change “genders.”

The worst part is, according to Two Genders One Truth, Matthew’s father Dennis didn’t even know his son was being taken to the “therapist”! Matthew’s mother and father were split up, the Daily Mail explained, and though Matthew’s mother put him in girl’s clothes from the age of three, Dennis knew nothing about it, as the boy did not pretend to be a girl with his father. Dennis accuses Matthew’s mother of pushing their son to identify as transgender.

When Matthew was still five, his mother “asked Matthew’s school to change his name to Ruby and use female pronouns in an effort to ‘socially transition’ him,” Two Genders One Truth explained. The image from the Daily Mail showed Matthew when he was being dressed as a girl. The little boy was recommended for puberty blockers before he was nine years’ old! There is evidence that puberty blockers cause not only delayed sexual development but other serious effects such as permanently retarded bone growth, infertility, and potential retarded brain development. The evidence also shows that “transgenders” are at a higher risk of suicide.

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Dennis Hannon finally discovered something was wrong when he received a letter to “the parent or guardian of Ruby Rose Hannon” from his son’s kindergarten, according to the Daily Mail. At first, the father thought the letter had been mailed to the wrong address, but he then found out that Matthew “was on the fast track to puberty blockers,” despite never being diagnosed with gender dysphoria by any medical professionals. “It’s been a nightmare,” Mr. Hannon said to the DailyMail. “It’s completely destroyed my life.”

Dennis eventually tried to terminate Matthew’s expensive court-ordered “counseling,” but the “therapist” got the courts to deprive Dennis of his medical authority, per the Daily Mail. Matthew’s mother filed an Enforcement of Custody Petition in 2020 referring to Matthew as “they/them” and insisting that Matthew had long identified as a girl, even though Matthew wanted to dress and act as a boy. Not only did Mr. Hannon spend his whole retirement to lose his custody battle, he was ordered to pay the attorney fees for Matthew‘s mother.

“It’s very clear to me that it was all about pushing a narrative. Nobody wanted to question the agenda, or even question whether or not somebody actually had gender dysphoria, it was just, because she said that he was confused about his gender, it must be true,” Dennis said, according to the Daily Mail. He accused Matthew’s mother of “shopping around” until she found a therapist who gave her the woke advice she wanted. “My son is a regular little boy, he goes by Matthew. His mother still tries to influence him by using they/them pronouns, and still calls him B, which is short for Ruby,” Dennis said, noting how difficult it has been at school for Matthew following the previous enforced cross-dressing.

Two Genders One Truth explained:

Dennis is now only able to see his son a few hours a week for the crime of protecting him from medical harm. He  has spent over $150,000 in legal fees and cannot appeal the decision due to lack of funds.

The Daily Mail reported that Dennis Hannon no longer has joint custody or any medical authority over Matthew. The courts sided with the woke mother against both the child and his father. What happened to Matthew was child abuse — yet his only advocate, his father, was the one punished? The transgender insanity is destroying children’s lives.

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