Crazy Kamala Harris Fearmongers Americans About Dying Women and Babies Across the Country


Today, Kamala Harris was on ‘The View’ and it was full of CRAZY sound bites. Earlier, we told you about Behar asking Kamala about ‘stopping the crazies’ (whatever that means). On top of all of that, Kamala went on some bizarre rant about women’s bodies. The woman who speaks in cursive wants to ‘be clear’.

There is not a time Kamala has ever been clear. Also, can we please stop pretending women have no control over their bodies.

For some reason, Kamala doesn’t believe women or men have the right to buy firearms to protect their own bodies.

Maybe the ‘Second Gentleman’ and her get frisky and he leaves hickeys. Did you ever think of that? Brain bleach now!

None of us have forgotten when they tried to force the vax on us.


That is what the Science says.

The world also remembers those awful face diapers and the feeling of suffocation.

It absolutely is ridiculous nonsense meant to scare women.

Time will tell, but all of her points are just nonsense.

Make people face the numbers of babies being killed everyday.

In essence, it is fine to allow a young girl to kill her baby without telling her parents, but if a boy who says he’s a girl wants to change with her at PE, she better be fine with changing with a fully intact male. If this is women’s right, there are a whole lot of ladies who would like to opt out.

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