Comedy Gold: Flag Guy Has a Marvelous Wake-Up Call for UCLA Encampment Protesters


We’ve seen a lot of unhinged behavior from the leftists who are occupying various universities across the country demanding that they divest from anything connected to Israel. So far they don’t seem to have any success in getting any university to fold to their demands and the universities have no power over any ceasefires in Gaza, so it’s a fairly pointless narcissistic exercise — like most leftist protest endeavors. 

But some folks aren’t taking this “movement” quietly and they’re standing in the breach, and in some cases, right in the eye of the storm. One of those people is a guy known as “The Flag Guy,” aka @TheFlagGuy, who has made a point of going to colleges with protests and waving an Israeli and American flag. Given the nuttiness that we’ve seen, you have to think that’s a truly brave action to take in the leftist climate on campuses today. While he’s gotten some angry reactions from the radicals, he’s also received a lot of support from people thanking him for standing up for students and against this craziness. 

Here’s an earlier take of him talking with folks on the UCLA campus in March. 

You can click on his timeline and check out some of the experiences he’s had. 

But since then UCLA has moved on to have their own encampment, and they’ve been doing things like reportedly blocking a videographer from walking on a public campus. As our friends at Twitchy reported, the Flag Guy had an interesting response to them. He showed up around 4:30 a.m. with a few entertaining things for the radicals. Just listen to this; I’m sure that the leftists must have loved it. 

You can hear the “Good Morning, Vietnam!” as well as the lovely — and loud — morning rooster crows he has on tape. 

But on top of all that, he had a lovely morning greeting for the radicals as well — “Wake up, commies! Wake up!” You just had to love that one. 

Now, given that it’s California, I’d be concerned that people would go after him rather than the encampment guys. But he seems to have been able to make his point, although he reported he did get a bit of a reaction from one of the protesters. He was playing Jewish music at them and said one of them tried to grab his speaker. 

People just loved his wake-up call. 

An old friend of Adrian Cronauer, the “Good Morning, Vietnam” DJ, said he would have loved the homage. 


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