'Comedic Choir of Fellow Misfits': Susan Sarandon Leads a Chorus of 'Let Gaza Live'


Susan Sarandon is KNOWN to be outspoken about her politics and she is no stranger to Twitchy. Sarandon is not a bad actress but she seems to have lost any ability she once had for singing. None of the people involved seem to be able to carry a tune in a bucket.

This writer actually liked Sarandon in a lot of her films. Thelma and Louise and The Rocky Horror Picture Show are both classics.

Ok, Michael. If it is a musical comedy we can get back on board. LOL!

Sarandon’s biggest problem is that she generally has stupid takes on politics and makes a big show about making you know them. She was even dropped by her talent agency back in November 2023 for some remarks at a Pro-Palestine rally.

NOOOooooOOO!!! That is still a good film, just try to separate her characters from her as a political Karen.

It should be but SNL are a bunch of Leftists who forgot what being funny was a while ago.

‘Comedic Choir of Misfits’ was such a perfect description we had to borrow it for the title!


Stacey knows Susan pretty well because Susan is ALWAYS front and center of any BAD political take.

You know what? That line is left out of most discussions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which is weird because if no hostages were ever taken there would not be a conflict. Hmmmmm … wonder why people always leave that out.

As much as they claim to hate war, why are they waging war on our eardrums?

They will not. They will not even get any pushback other than a few people like us making fun of them.

HA! We snort-laughed like a hyena with a cold. If you do not watch ‘Schitt’s Creek’ you should. Anyway, that face is hilarious. She hears how bad they sound too.

Susan, maybe pick some people who can actually carry a tune next time, or better yet, maybe just once you can just be quiet.

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