CNN’s Anderson Cooper Snaps at Guest in Gaza Exchange: ‘Don’t Need a Lecture’ – WATCH


Anderson Cooper interrupted former Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign co-chair, Nina Turner, after she criticized President Biden’s handling of the Gaza conflict.

During a CNN panel on Michigan’s Democratic Party primary, discussing Biden’s prospects of re-election, the subject came up of Michigan’s prominent Arab-American communities and their reluctance to turn out for Biden due to his support for Israel.

Turner highlighted the humanitarian costs of Israel’s actions during the conflict.

“And so while this president was in the ice cream shop saying ‘I think there’s gonna be a ceasefire,’ 30,000 people have been slaughtered,” Turner said.

“People are living in famine.”

“They can’t get medical care,” Turner added.


“So we get to be comfortable and talk about this like these people are widgets, when they are in fact suffering, and I am young enough to remember, colleagues, when Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and also Congresswoman Cori Bush called for a ceasefire very early on, they were called abhorrent,” she added.

“By the way, there’s also been slaughter in Israel, as well,” Copper interjected.

“So, there’s a lot of pain on both sides,” Cooper added.

“We don’t really need a lecture on the problem,” Cooper snapped, aiming to refocus the discussion on Biden’s reelection chances.

“I’m not denying that pain. All I’m saying, that at a certain point after Oct. 7, it becomes clear,” he added.

“I mean you have a right-wing prime minister,” Turner replied, before Cooper emphasized the night’s political focus.

NPR reported:

In Michigan, a push to encourage voters to send President Biden a message about his refusal to call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza may have worked.

The group Listen to Michigan did not ask their followers to stay home from Tuesday’s Democratic primary. Instead, they asked them to vote for “uncommitted.”

Statewide, just over 13% of voters did, taking a little of the shine off of President Biden’s victory.

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