Ciara Reveals How She Turned a Weight-Loss Setback Into a Positive Experience – JP


When it comes to Ciara‘s weight loss journey, she’s not sweating the number on the scale.

In fact, five months after welcoming Amora Princess Wilson with husband Russell Wilson, the “Level Up” singer opened up about how she’s embracing her postpartum body while still working towards her fitness goals.

“Sometimes, you want to make things picture-perfect and life doesn’t allow you to do that,” Ciara told E! News in an exclusive interview. “This is real s–t. There’s no perfectness to motherhood. For example, I had a scale drop and now the scale went back up. I was like, uhhh.”

But instead of freaking out, she’s taking it one (two) step at a time.

“I’m going to give myself grace,” the 38-year-old continued, “and eat a couple of potatoes and ice cream because I need that for my mind. That’s where I am with it—and it’s OK.”

Plus, Russell has been cheering her on throughout the process. “There’s a weight I want to get to, but my husband is telling me, ‘You don’t need to go that far,'” Ciara revealed. “He’s embracing my curves; he likes my thicky era.”

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