CHRISSY CLARK: FAA wants to reduce number of heterosexual white men in aviation


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reportedly held a workshop that, in part, discussed plans to reduce the number of heterosexual white men in aviation, according to internal videos obtained by Matt Walsh. 

Angela McCullough, the FAA’s acting Deputy Chief Operating Officer, can be heard on a Zoom call addressing a “ramp to cockpit” initiative. The program seemingly aims to help employees working as baggage handlers become airline pilots

The Zoom call reportedly took place in April 2022, though it only publicly surfaced in February 2024. Throughout the Zoom call, McCullough — a black woman — states that the aviation industry needs to “get a little uncomfortable” when addressing racial inequity in aviation. 

“Your whole program is very heavily male-dominated,” McCullough said. “And really it is white male dominated.” She continued to claim that the aviation industry would benefit from programs that bring in more racial minorities. 


Within 24 hours of Walsh’s online report dropping, Fox Business confirmed that two JetBlue airplanes collided at the Boston Logan International Airport. The report also comes after a door blew out from missing bolts in an Alaska Airlines flight incident

The FAA is the federal branch responsible for aircraft safety and operations. Many online are speculating that the FAA is prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion programs over the safety of passengers. 

Walsh added to the online fodder by posting a direct message he received from a pilot who reportedly works at Delta Air Lines. The alleged pilot claimed that Delta refused to address issues with a transgender pilot, who repeatedly performed below average. The message insinuated Delta was more interested in employing a transgender pilot than the safety of those flying the airline.

“We recently had a transgender pilot repeatedly receive negative reviews during his first-year probationary period from Captains he flew with regarding attitude, CRM, and judgment, yet the Chief Pilot’s Office (CPO) was unwilling to address the issue,” the message reads. 

“Had this not been a transgender pilot, the individual would likely not have successfully completed their probationary period,” the message continues. 

A Delta spokeswoman told Turning Point USA that “Delta holds every one of our pilots to the highest standards of safety, operational excellence and professionalism every day.” The spokeswoman included “she/her” pronouns in her email signature.

This article has been updated to reflect comments provided by Delta Air Lines to Turning Point USA.

This piece first appeared at TPUSA.

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