China's Trojan Horses in Our Water, Grid, Ground Links


Chinese single military-age men are pouring through our borders, and Michael Pillsbury, foreign policy strategist, and author, gives us a partial explanation.

Fox anchor Rachel Campos Duffy asked him why they were coming.


“Well, in the big picture, they’re getting ready to use force against Taiwan if they have to. They’re sending you quite a few messages, to both us and the Taiwan government, that we’re prepared to use force. If we do, it’ll be something you Americans will regret because we basically – if they don’t say this openly, but we know, from this FBI testimony among other sources, they have placed Trojan Horses in our power grid, in our water system, you know, the ground links that go up to satellites. These are not often protected. So, encrypted data there can be blocked by the Chinese.

“They’re kind of warning everybody, don’t make trouble on Taiwan. Because if you do, while you’re busy with Iran and the Red Sea and the Houthis, we will attack Taiwan with either a blockade or missile strikes or something even more serious, like the Normandy landing.

100 Nuclear Weapons

“This is very scary, especially when we found out, Rachel, I think you covered this; we found out that the Chinese spy balloon was using an American Internet provider to send burst transmissions encrypted back to China on what they were finding around our nuclear facilities. China has built 100 nuclear weapons, according to the Pentagon, in the past year. No one else is building weapons like this, so this is all part of a big pattern.

“Rachel, you’ve covered it very well.”

“We still don’t know what all these men are doing coming across our border,” Rachel said.

“That’s right,” Pillsbury replied.

“Your suspicion is they’re spies?” Rachel asked.

“My suspicion is we need to be prepared for conflict with China in a way that they find credible, and we can deter them and these men coming across military-age men crossing the border into America; the worst case is this is organized, and China knows about it.”


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