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A Chinese company has claimed to have developed a nuclear battery that provides enough energy to power a cell phone for 50 years without a charge.

China’s Betavolt New Energy Technology company has claimed to have developed a new battery that utilizes a combination of a nickel-63 (⁶³Ni) radioactive isotope and a 4th-generation diamond semiconductor. The result is reportedly a battery that provides enough power to last for 50 years.

The brand new modular nuclear battery makes new energy promises that have never been realized.

New Atlas recently reported, “Betavolt’s new battery, called the BV100, uses two single-crystal diamond semiconductor layers with a thickness of 10 microns each sandwiching a 2-micron layer of ⁶³Ni. Each one of these sandwiches can produce current, but they can also be stacked or linked like old-fashioned voltaic cells to form hundreds of independent unit modules that work together to boost the current.”

According to TechRadar, “Betavolt Technology claims to have successfully miniaturized atomic energy batteries, which measure less than a coin at 15 x 15 x 5mm. The compact battery uses the radioactive isotope Nickel 63 to generate 100 microwatts and a voltage of 3V of electricity through the process of radioactive decay.”

“The battery is currently in the pilot testing stage and Betavolt plans to mass-produce them for commercial devices like phones and drones, but also states nuclear batteries could be used for aerospace equipment,” TechRadar reported. “AI, medical equipment, advanced sensors, and micro-robots. The Beijing-based company claims to have drawn inspiration from devices such as pacemakers, and satellites.”

Betavolt plans to produce a 1-watt battery by 2025.

TechRadar reported, “It could even prove to be safer too, as Betavolt states that the BV100 will not catch fire or explode in response to punctures or even gunshots, unlike some current batteries that can be unsafe if damaged or when exposed to high temperatures.”

There are reports that this new technology could provide drones with enough power to allow them to fly “forever.”

The Independent reported, “Their small size means they could be used in series to produce more power, with the company imagining mobile phones that never need to be charged and drones that can fly forever. Its layered design also means it will not catch fire or explode in response to sudden force, Betavolt claims, while also being capable of working in temperatures ranging from -60C to 120C.”

“To create this revolutionary battery, Betavolt’s scientists used nickel-63, a radioactive element, as the energy source. They employed diamond semiconductors to convert the energy. The team developed a thin single-crystal diamond semiconductor, only 10 microns thick, and placed a 2-micron-thick nickel-63 sheet between two diamond semiconductor converters. The decay energy of the radioactive source is then converted into electrical current,” according to The Economic Times.

“The atomic energy battery developed by Betavolt is absolutely safe, has no external radiation, and is suitable for use in medical devices such as pacemakers, artificial hearts and cochleas in the human body,” the company stated. “Atomic energy batteries are environmentally friendly. After the decay period, the 63 isotopes turn into a stable isotope of copper, which is non-radioactive and does not pose any threat or pollution to the environment.”

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