Chaya Raichik DROPS 'Privileged Oppressor' from NBC Writing Hit-Piece on Her and it's SAVAGE Perfection


NBC can’t deal with Chaya Richik. For some reason, a conservative woman who has her own opinions and DARES share videos that horrible people knowingly and willingly post to TikTok makes her enemy number one with these yahoos.

That’s why every time we see them try and take her down with yet another hit-piece we just laugh.

They can’t beat her and it makes them nuts.

For example:

GOOD for Chaya not to allow some white male oppressor to force her into giving him comments.

She should only talk to a black, Latinx, or LGBTQ supporter because THAT would be equitable.



We mean, fair point. White men are bad and stuff.

Good call.

Because it’s not actually about their story or writing, it’s about a threat. They want her to feel afraid, and intimidated … and obviously, they continue to bark up the wrong tree. 


And they wonder why so few of us have any sympathy for the journos being laid off. 



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