CBS News Investigates How Much Texas Has Spent to Bus Illegal Immigrants


Bussing illegal immigrants to deep blue sanctuary cities was the best idea anyone in politics had last year. It certainly revealed their hypocrisy; New York City Mayor Eric Adams is suing the bus companies bringing illegal immigrants to the city for over $700 million. It costs money to feed and house all of these illegal immigrants, and they think the border states should shoulder that burden because Washington has left the border wide open.

Fox Business reported in November that it costs taxpayers $451 billion per year to house and care for illegal immigrants. But it also costs money to bus them north. CBS News investigated and found that Texas has paid more than $100 million to bus them. One woman who refused to participate anymore got in touch with the media.

Did CBS News investigate how much illegal immigrants are costing Texas?


Adams says the migrant crisis is costing the city $12 billion. And that’s just one city.

Hardly shocking, isn’t it? DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appeared on CNN last week and said there’s a backlog of about 3 million cases. These illegals have been given court dates as far off as 2035.

Maybe CBS News could look into how much the Biden administration is paying to fly illegal immigrants all over the country.


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