Catholic Charities Is In Foreign Countries Gaming the System


Catholic Charities and other NGOs are playing the refugee “game” for money from the Feds. Investigative reporter Ben Bergquam found that Catholic Charities has made almost three billion dollars from the migrant crisis – all the money they lost over their pedophiles.

“Catholic Charities … the amount of money that’s in this… I have a friend that works in the office of refugee resettlement, and they call it the refugee game.

“Basically, they’ve realized, all these organizations have realized, they can game the system and make money on all of this.

“And so you have groups like Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, Bethany Christian, Jewish Family Services, that are all making money, but, in particular, the Catholic Charities.

“If you look at, and it was a shocking statistic to me, was the amount of money that the Catholic Church lost on the molestation lawsuits that were having that took place like ten years ago is about $3 billion. They have now made that back on trafficking illegals into America.

This does explain how Joe Biden can be considered a GOOD CATHOLIC!

“It’s almost the exact correlation now. They’re actually making more and more and more, but they’ve basically replaced the money they lost from child molestation cases with trafficking illegals into America.

The interviewer asked if this goes all the way up to the Pope.

“Yeah… the Catholic Bishops that run, that oversee Catholic Charities…it’s very difficult to get them to stop this.

“The problem is there’s just so much money that it’s very difficult to get them to stop because they’re just making money, and they’ll look at it and say, ‘Well, we’re humanitarians. We’re doing all this good, and if we don’t do it, you know, someone else is going to do it.

“So, it’s a tough thing for them to say, I mean to step out and say, we’re not going to do this. The problem, though, is they’re not just sitting here waiting for the problem to come to them. They’re in Mexico, they’re in Central America, they’re in all these countries now, training people on how to game the system to come into America. That’s why, again, they call it the refugee game. There’s just so much money in it for them.”

In other words, some religious leaders are bought off so they break our laws and participate in trafficking.


Full disclosure: I am Roman Catholic and love my religion, but not the leadership. These leaders are corrupt.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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