Carson Daly's Weight Loss Journey: Before and After Photos


NBC’s Carson Daly has been open about his ups and downs when it comes to weight loss over the years, as well as a weight gain for a very positive reason.

The Voice host had years where he looked quite trim. However, he put on some pounds in 2019 and was happy to find out why.

“Fun fact: I assumed recent weight gain was a side effect from an anti-anxiety drug I started,” he wrote on Twitter at the time, adding, “Turns out it’s just working. The calmer/happier me is in a better mood and appetite increases.”

With his decrease in anxiety, Carson told Today, “What happens is you end up celebrating life, which means you eat and drink like a king,” although he vowed to start hitting the gym to take off the excess pounds.

Scroll down for before and after photos of Carson Daly’s weight loss transformation. 

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