California Plans to Castrate Child After Mother Absconded from Texas Father


Last Updated on April 6, 2024

The California court system is preparing to allow a divorced mother to castrate her young son, against the will of his father, because she claims that the 11-year-old is trans.

Jeff Younger tells National File that he expects his ex-wife, Anne Georgulas, to take their son to a gender clinic and begin the castration process immediately after the ruling, which will come at a pro-forma hearing on April 25th, where Younger isn’t even allowed to testify in defense of his son. Instead, court-ordained, pro-trans “experts” will take the stand, and the transition of his son will likely be rubber-stamped.

The anticipated ruling comes after a lengthy legal battle that has spanned two states and after the Texas Supreme Court allowed the boy to be removed from Texas and the care of his father in late 2022, and be taken to California by his mother, where she’s since taken advantage of “trans refuge” laws.

Georgulas moved her son James, and his twin brother, to California just days before those laws went into effect, something that Younger has long maintained was done to facilitate the castration of their son, despite Texas court orders barring Georgulas from doing exactly that.

But remarkably, after the move to California, the Texas Supreme Court denied Younger’s plea to have his sons returned to Texas.

Texas Supreme Court Justices Blalock and Young dismissed Younger’s concerns and warnings around the trans refuge law, claiming that his “fears are no more likely to be realized in California under SB 107 than they were before the bill’s enactment.”

According to the justices, whose ruling directly led to the pending castration of young James, his “father misreads California’s new law.”

An excerpt from the Texas Supreme Court’s denial of Jeff Younger’s write of mandamus, seeking the return of his son from California.

Now, despite the claims and predictions of the Texas Supreme Court, Jeff Younger’s son James may be just days away from being castrated with the full backing of California and its judiciary.

Further, the Texas Supreme Court’s ruling, which blocked Younger from compelling his sons’ return to Texas, was largely based on Georgulas telling the court that she hadn’t moved to facilitate the castration or gender transition of James, but now, it’s been laid bare that that’s exactly why she moved.

“[Anne Georgulas] has flatly denied to this Court that she will seek to evade the district court’s order while she is in California,” Texas Supreme Court documents read.

At this time, it’s unclear what Younger and his attorneys plan to do about his ex-wife’s misrepresentations to the Texas Supreme Court, but further action is expected.

This story is developing.

Stay with National File for updates as they become available. 

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