California homeless man beats woman into a coma, injures another


California police arrested a violent homeless man on attempted murder charges after he allegedly attacked two women, leaving one victim in a coma and the other unconscious and needing surgery.

The horrifying incident occurred at the canals in Venice, California on April 6.

Anthony Jones, 29, has been charged with two counts of attempted murder and is being held at the Los Angeles Police Department Metropolitan Detention Center. A judge has set his bail at $3.25 million, KTLA reports.

Jones is accused of ambushing 54-year-old Mary Klein, knocking her to the ground, and bludgeoning her in the head and face. The attack left Klein unconscious.

Klein suffered multiple broken teeth, a broken jaw that’s now wired shut, multiple contusions, a large gash on the back of her head, and bruising on her face and neck. She will have to undergo multiple surgeries, including facial reconstruction, and will need physical therapy.

“I think he was trying to kill me. It was like being hit by a truck,” Klein told KTLA.

Klein said that when she woke up on the street after being knocked unconscious, the suspect had already left the scene.

California police said that Jones went on to allegedly attack another female victim at the canals on the same day, which left her in a coma. It’s unclear if the victim is still in the coma.

Police said the attacks had a “sexual element” to them, but did not elaborate, according to KTLA.

“I was crying because I was so worried about the other girl and I hope she makes it,” Klein said to the outlet. “I’m lucky I survived and I feel so bad for her and I hope she’s okay.”

Las Vegas News Magazine

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