Byron Donalds slams Joy Reid for saying he is being used as ‘fake proof’ that MAGA has black supports


Florida Rep. Byron Donalds slammed MSNBC host Joy Reid for saying that he was being used by the GOP as “fake proof” that MAGA has black supporters. The Republican congressman highlighted the “diverse” crowd that today’s right has gathered together in support of Donald Trump, and accused Reid of reducing political discourse to the days where one’s race mattered more than their ideas.

In an interview with Fox News’ Shannon Bream, Donalds called Reid’s comments “nothing more than crabs in a barrel,” employing a metaphor typically used to describe those who hurt others in their community in order to benefit themselves in some way. “Just because I have a different viewpoint, different way of looking at the world, different politics, all of a sudden I’m being used?” He continued. “You can make an argument that MSNBC is using her, but I’ma move on.”

Reid made her comments in question on Friday, the day after Donalds appeared at Trump’s rally in the Bronx, calling him “the one black guy that Republicans love to roll out as fake proof that black people, the blacks, are MAGA.” She went on to say “It’s a joke, just as credible as when they said they were gonna make that guy speaker of the House.”

Donalds cited that rally in the Bronx as evidence that the Republican Party had a broader appeal under Trump than past leaders. CBS had reported that the rally looked like America while CNN was shocked to find so many locals in attendance.

“They’ve seen the disaster that is New York City,” he said of those who attended the Bronx rally. “They’ve seen the disaster that’s come to the United States of America because of the ‘Master of Disaster’ Joe Biden himself, and they want Donald Trump back.”

Donalds then took aim at Reid for trying to make everything about people’s immutable characteristics, saying “we’re looking to expand the political map, not shrinking it based upon race or anything else.” He suggested that while Democrats want to “shrink the political map based upon previous dogma and racial lines,” Trump wants to focus on helping all Americans.

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