British Pinko Rag ''Fondly Remembers Vladimir Lenin'… The Rest of Us Not So Much


One hundred years ago today Vladimir Lenin, father of one of the most brutal and corrupt dictatorships in the history of the world, shuffled from this mortal coil. A communist revolutionary and avowed Marxist, Lenin as leader of his Bolshevik Party was personally responsible for ordering a series of measures that has become known as history as ‘The Red Terror’ during which were as many as ‘28,000 executions per year (were carried out) from December 1917 to February 1922’. Beyond that, as Investopedia describes the events of Vladimir Lenin’s rule over Russia, ‘Lenin’s revolution, the resulting civil war and famines, and the brutal domestic repression that he led against dissidents and scapegoats directly led to the deaths of over 8 million citizens of the Russian Empire, many by starvation, torture, or summary execution’.

So the man has an incredibly high body count and it’s hard to imagine why anyone would be lamenting his passing from this earth… but in pinko circles apparently the passing of a man who should by all rights be viewed as one of history’s greatest monsters is something to lament. Because they’re insane.

‘Fondly’ might be an overstatement, given the generation reaction to their post.

Yes, Lenin (and his successor Joseph Stalin, whose dictatorship was made possible by Lenin’s Revolution) are in rare company indeed as far as sheer numbers of people who died because of their direct actions. ‘Fondly remembered’ indeed.


Given that Challenge is apparently a publication of the ‘Young Communist League of Britain since 1935’ we’d agree that ‘Challenged’ would be a more appropriate name for them, yes.

That’s more or less the mindset of your average ‘Tankie’ in a nutshell, yeah.

But ‘Real Communism/Socialism has never been tried!’ Uhuh, sure.

Syphilis? Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

In extreme left circles trying to lionize these horrifying tyrannical figures like Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong and Ernesto “Che ” Guevara is an ever-present undercurrent. It’s a reminder that despite often claiming that they’re for peace the history of communism and socialism as an ideology by which people are ruled is a long and bloody one at this point, and it never works out in the end. Unlike capitalistic Democratic systems that can (in theory) operate while vying political ideologies jockey for position within them, true Socialism and Communism require unanimous consent of those being ruled, a consent that is never gained by force but is gained by brutal repression.

Communists don’t want to get along, and they don’t care that people are dying… they care that the wrong people are dying. But from where we sit… one hundred years ago today exactly the right person died when Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, known to history as Vladimir Lenin, kicked the bucket and made the world a better place by no longer being in it.

May he spend eternity getting what he deserves.


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