Bret Baier Interviewed Mayorkas Who Claims the System Is Broken


Bill Melugin reported that Bret Baier interviewed DHS Secretary Mayorkas live on Fox News. Bret asked Mayorkas if it would surprise him that CBP sources tell FOX at least 70% of all illegal immigrants are being released into the U.S.

“It would not surprise me. I know the data,” Mayorkas said.

Bret Baier also asked Mayorkas if he’s willing to describe what’s happening at the border as a crisis.

“It’s a challenge,” Mayorkas said. He acknowledged “historic” numbers of illegal crossings but accepted no blame for the Biden admin and said it’s not just a U.S. issue.

So, Mayorkas knows what’s going on because it’s the plan and going as intended. He doesn’t even care what we think or feel. He thinks we’re too stupid or powerless to do a thing about it. It seems we are powerless.

Mayorkas is a brazen, unaccountable villain.

“We’ve got border agents securing our border,” he claimed.

An impeachment inquiry is opening up next week.

“If you’re impeached, would you step down you?” Baier asked. “You’d be the first cabinet member to be impeached by the House in 148 years.”

“Bret, I lead 260 [sic, 260,000] incredibly dedicated and talented men and women of the Department of Homeland Security,” Mayorkas replied. “I will continue to lead them in advancing the mission of protecting the American people. That’s what we do in the area of immigration, the area of cybersecurity, in our fight against human trafficking, in saving communities devastated by extreme weather events. We do so much for the American people, and I’m incredibly proud to do it.”

So, illegal immigration is because of the weather? He likely doesn’t believe that.

Baier switched to border czar Kamala Harris and asked how her efforts helped.

“The vice president has raised more than $3 billion of investments in some of the countries of origin, specifically those in Central America,” Mayorkas responded. “That is a long-term solution that we remain dedicated to. But in the meantime, we are enforcing vigorously our country’s immigration laws and working to fix them in a fundamentally broken system.”

The system isn’t broken. They are violating every immigration law we have and pretending they are securing the border, holding out useless carrots like investments in Central America as people pour in from all over the world.

They will keep the borders open until Republicans give every last foreigner amnesty and a path to citizenship, securing permanent Democrat rule over the US.

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