BREAKING: Pro-Palestinian mob tries to breach White House security fence amid ‘March for Gaza’


Thousands of supporters of the Palestinian cause, who oppose Israel’s war against the terror group Hamas that is entrenched in the region, gathered outside the White House, vigorously shaking the security fence and hurling dolls soaked in red paint as part of a massive demonstration urging a ceasefire in Gaza. 

At one point the anti-Israel crowd tried to breach the White House fence.

Footage was captured by TPUSA’s Frontlines and Julio Rosas.

Law enforcement personnel, including Secret Service agents and police, equipped themselves with riot gear to confront the crowd, which aggressively threw symbolic dolls representing Gaza’s children and other objects.

Footage captured during the Saturday event depicts the metal barrier being violently shaken, causing sections of it to shift backward. Secret Service operatives swiftly moved to the affected area to prevent any breach.

The protest is part of a global series of demonstrations marking the 100th day since the Hamas attack on October 7, resulting in 1,200 casualties and the abduction of hundreds. Over 100 of those kidnapped by Hamas are still being held in Gaza. A ceasefire deal that saw the release of some in exhange for both a cessation of hostilities and the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails was halted by Hamas when they continued attacks on Israel.

Tonight’s demonstration stands as the second-largest show of support for Gaza outside the White House in Washington since the onset of the war. Washington, DC residents expressed their concerns by holding signs that question President Joe Biden’s suitability as a presidential candidate, citing his unwavering support for Israel throughout the nearly 100-day conflict with Hamas. Some of the signs featured messages such as “No votes for Genocide Joe,” “Biden has blood on his hands,” and “Let Gaza live.”

Protesters also defiled statues in LaFayette Square.

In addition, CNN reported that media personnel had to evacuate from the White House due to the escalating protests.

Priscilla Alvarez told Jim Acosta on the outlet that she and others had to be taken out of the building. 

Las Vegas News Magazine

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