BREAKING: President Trump BLASTS Haley after decisive NH win: ‘you can’t let people get away with bullsh*t’


Trump appeared in Nashua, New Hampshire on Tuesday evening after being declared the winner of the state in the Republican primary election.

Trump criticized Nikki Haley, saying “somebody ran up to the state all dressed up nicely when it was at seven, but now I just walked up it’s at 14,” he said, noting his lead over Haley in the election results.

“She was up and I said wow, she’s doing like a speech like she won. She didn’t, she lost.”

“We’ll head out to South Carolina where I think we’re going to win easily. I think we’re 50 points up … on a person that was governor, that tells you something, but I felt I should do this because I find it a life you can’t let people get away with bullsh*t, okay. And when I watched her, the fancy dress, it probably wasn’t so fancy, come up I said what is she doing? We won. And she did the same thing last week.”

Trump addressed the number of Democrats voting in the Republican primary for Nikki Haley, saying “they’re only voting because they want to make me look as bad as possible.”

Trump said that a “tremendous” number of independent voters came out in New Hampshire “because you have a governor that doesn’t frankly know what the hell he is doing in this state.”

“In the Republican primary, they accept Democrats to vote, in fact, I think they had 4,000 Democrats before October 6, they already voted.”

“You know, we won New Hampshire, three times … we win the primary, we win the generals, we’ve won it and it’s a very, very special place to me. It’s very important,” Trump said, noting his 2016 victory in the state.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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