BREAKING: MTG calls for full investigation into allegations Fani Willis violated Georgia Campaign Finance Act


Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has alleged that Fulton County DA Fani Willis may have violated the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Act, and she’s demanding answers. In a complaint filed with the Georgia State Ethics Commission, Greene alleges that while Willis was forced to admit that she had a “personal relationship” with the special prosecutor she hired to prosecute Donald Trump, Nathan Wade, there was much more that she “left out.”

“Fani Willis can’t be trusted to fulfill her duties impartially,” Greene told The Post Millennial. “Inappropriate, unethical, and potentially illegal behavior has plagued her investigation from the outset. How can the public trust a prosecutor who abuses her office for personal gain while targeting her political opponents? Fani Willis’s failure to disclose luxury vacations allegedly paid for by her secret boyfriend using taxpayer money is a scandal of epic proportions. It’s no surprise a shady prosecutor like Fani Willis would launch a political prosecution of President Donald J. Trump.”

Willis launched a RICO case against Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants and was later discovered to have hired her secret lover Nathan Wade as a prosecutor on the case, resulting in ethical concerns as t Willis’ professional conduct.

Willis, Greene writes in her complaint, “stands credibly accused of using Fulton County and federal COVID funds to pay her unqualified, secret boyfriend Nathan Wade $250 per hour to collude with the Biden White House counsel and help Fani Willis bring unprecedented RICO felony charges against President Trump and 18 co-defendants.”

Greene contends that Willis “allegedly paid her secret boyfriend a significantly higher hourly rate than another one of her special prosecutors who actually has significant RICO experience. And with the nearly $700,000 Wade has collected in government funds as one of Willis’ special prosecutors, he has allegedly taken her on a luxury Caribbean cruise, a trip to Napa, and other lavish trips.”

She referred this to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp as well as Attorney General Chris Carr but has not yet received a response as to their intentions on opening a criminal probe against Willis and Wade. Wade, however, filed his response to the allegations of misuse of funds, saying that the “Financial responsibility for personal travel taken is divided roughly evenly between the two, with neither being primarily responsible for expenses of the other, and all expenses paid for with individual personal funds.”

In that sworn affidavit, Wade stated that both he and Willis had, upon different instances, paid for each other’s costs for travel and trips with their respective personal funds. Greene alleges, however, that only one example of Willis paying these costs was included, for a November 2022 trip, and that no other evidence of Willis footing the bill was made known.

This led to more questions for Greene, who asked “Why didn’t they discuss this trip before now? And what other trips have they failed to disclose?” Greene contends that Willis failed to disclose what was essentially compensation from Wade, for whom she had arranged a generous salary at taxpayer expense, in the form of trips and luxury vacations. If these things had been disclosed, the affair would have been discovered sooner.

“As the Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis is a ‘public officer’ required to file a Personal Financial Disclosure under Section 21-5-50 of the Georgia Campaign Finance Act. The Georgia Campaign Finance Act requires public officers to file a Personal Financial Disclosure form each year they hold office.”

“The Georgia Campaign Finance Act mandates transparency from public officials,” Greene told The Post Millennial in a statement. “Willis’ refusal to disclose her relationships and financial transactions demonstrates a blatant disregard for the law and ethical standards. Georgians deserve leaders who prioritize transparency and accountability. The allegations against Fani Willis must be thoroughly investigated, and if proven true, she must face consequences. We must restore faith in the integrity of the American legal system.”

In her complaint, Green said that “The Personal Financial Disclosure required Willis to identify ‘[e]ach monetary fee . . . which is accepted by the filer from . . . activities which directly relate to the official duties of the filer. ‘Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade is an “authority created by the state.'”

Greene found other instances of Willis failing to file a Personal Financial Disclosure, and suggests that the “pattern of behavior suggests that Fani Willis’ repeated failure to file such disclosures is intentional, or at least a wanton disregard for her duties and the law.”

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